Best indie games 2018


Gaming as a whole continues to evolve over time, and our standards for the best indie games evolves with it. One of the most interesting things about the best indie games is that unlike AAA game publishers, who feel the need to monetize every single inch of their games – the best indie games simply cost what they cost and are completely free of malevolent tactics. Free of corporate influence, the best indie games will give you a glimpse into the pure artistic vision of the developers, especially if you have one of the best gaming PCs.

That’s not to say the best indie games can’t keep up with the latest Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty, though. In fact, the best indie games regularly surpass the latest AAA games in both quality and scope, thanks to their less repetitive nature – they don’t need to rely on tired cliches and tropes to sell through millions of units.

In our guide to the best indie games, we went through the hundreds of indie games we’ve played and ranked the 30 best ones here. We mixed in classics like Braid and Dwarf Fortress, with modern indie darlings like Hollow Knight and Dead Cells. To discover all the best indie games that made our list, read on.