What’s new on Netflix Australia for September 2018


As the number of shows and movies available to stream in Australia continues to grow at an impressive rate, it can be tough to keep up with all the new additions to each streaming service each month.

We’ve all come to anticipate a new stable of Netflix Originals releases each month, but figuring out which shows they are and when exactly they become available isn’t so easy. And what about the large number licensed shows and films that are made available to stream, if only for a limited time?

In an effort to keep you informed of the best shows and movies that are in the process of being added to Netflix, we’ll be bringing you an updated list of what you can expect on the service on a monthly basis.

Not only that, we’ll also be singling out the biggest releases, as well as a number of quality TV shows and films which we believe deserve your Netflixing time.

So get ready to kick off the month with an epic binge – here’s what’s new on Netflix in September 2018. Check out the month’s highlights video below!

TV shows highlights for September 2018

Maniac: Limited Series (21/9/2018) 

In this limited series from visionary director Cary Fukunaga (True Detective), two strangers (played by Emma Stone and Jonah Hill) find themselves caught up in a mind-bending pharmaceutical trial gone awry.

American Vandal: Season 2 (14/9/2018) 

Following on from the hilarious first season, high school documentarians Peter and Sam take on a new (and particularly stomach-churning) mystery at involving a vandal known as ‘The Turd Burglar’.

BoJack Horseman: Season 5 (14/9/2018) 

Television’s loneliest horse is back for his fifth season. This time, BoJack is the star of a new detective series produced by Princess Carolyn, but as always, his personal demons threaten to derail the whole thing.

Marvel’s Iron Fist: Season 2 (7/9/2018) 

Danny Rand, a.k.a the Immortal Iron Fist, is back, continuing his quest to protect the streets of New York. Unfortunately, his past on K’un-Lun has come back to haunt him once again. While the first series of Iron Fist left many Marvel fans unsatisfied, the second series promises to be an improvement.

Movies highlights for September 2018

Hold the Dark (28/9/2018) 

From acclaimed director Jeremy Saulnier (Green Room) comes this Netflix Original film about a mystery involving dead children and a pack of wolves in a remote part of Alaska. If it’s anything like the director’s previous films, you can expect a high bodycount and wince-inducing violence. Stars With Alexander Skarsgård, Riley Keough, James Badge Dale and Jeffrey Wright.

Justice League (14/9/2018) 

DC’s answer to The Avengers brings together Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), The Flash (Erza Miller), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and *spoiler alert* Superman (Henry Cavill) to battle a villain that threatens to end the world.

The Disaster Artist (28/9/2018) 

Based on the hilarious true story behind the making of the best worst film ever made, The Disaster Artist follows Greg Sestero (Dave Franco), an aspiring film actor who forms a unique friendship with Tommy Wiseau (James Franco), a weirdo from his acting class. Together, the pair set out to make their own film, eventually ending up with a film that’s regarded as the most entertaining terrible movie of all time.

Watchmen (15/9/2018) 

Based on Alan Moore’s game-changing graphic novel, Watchmen presents an alternate version of 1985 where superheroes are real and the world is on the verge of collapse. While investigating the murder of a former colleague, vigilante Rorschach (Jackie Earl Haley) begins to uncover a conspiracy which threatens to change the course of history. Directed with extreme style by Zack Snyder (300, Justice League).

…and the rest for September 2018


La Catedral del Mar (1/9/2018)

Monkey Twins (1/9/2018)

Atypical: Season 2 (7/9/2018)

Cable Girls: Season 3 (7/9/2018)

First and Last (7/9/2018)

Car Masters: Rust to Riches (14/9/2018)

Ingobernable: Season 2 (14/9/2018)

Norm Macdonald has a Show (14/9/2018)

LAST HOPE (14/9/2018)

The Good Cop (21/9/2018)

DRAGON PILOT: Hisone & Masotan (21/9/2018)

Battlefish (21/9/2018)

Norsemen: Season 2 (26/9/2018)

Somewhere Between (28/9/2018)

Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father: Season 2 (28/9/2018)

Made in Mexico (28/9/2018)

Lost Song (28/9/2018)

Forest of Piano (28/9/2018)


Mr. Sunshine (1/9/2018)

A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities (3/9/2018)

Shooter: Season 3 (7/9/18)

The Good Place: Season 3 (28/9/18)


The Most Assassinated Woman in the World (7/9/2018)

The Resistance Banker (11/9/2018)

On My Skin (12/9/2018)

The Angel (14/9/2018)

The Land of Steady Habits (14/9/2018)

Bleach (14/9/2018)

Nappily Ever After (21/9/2018)

Two Catalonias (28/9/2018)

The 3rd Eye (28/9/2018)


Daniel Sloss: Live Shows (11/9/2018)

D.L. Hughley: Contrarian (18/9/2018)


City of Joy (7/9/2018)

Boca Juniors Confidential (14/9/2018)

Quincy (21/9/2018)

Lessons From A School Shooting: Notes from Dunblane (28/9/2018)


Next Gen (7/9/2018)

Stretch Armstrong & the Flex Fighters: Season 2 (7/9/2018)

The Dragon Prince (14/9/2018)

Super Monsters Monster Party: Songs (14/9/2018)

Hilda (21/9/2018)

Reboot: The Guardian Code: Season 2 (28/9/2018)

Skylanders Academy: Season 3 (28/9/2018)


Star Trek Into Darkness (1/9/2018)

Nocturnal Animals (1/9/2018)

Outlander: Season 3 (11/9/2018)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 5 (28/9/2018)

Double Jeopardy (1/9/2018)

Escape from Alcatraz (1/9/2018)

Failure to Launch (1/9/2018)

Flight (1/9/2018)

G.I. Joe: Retaliation (1/9/2018)

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (1/9/2018)

Gotham: Season 3 (1/9/2018)

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (1/9/2018)

Julie & Julia (1/9/2018)

Mean Girls (1/9/2018)

Save the Last Dance (1/9/2018)

Star Trek (1/9/2018)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (1/9/2018)

The Mummy (1/9/2018)

The Mummy Returns (1/9/2018)

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (1/9/2018)

Water for Elephants (1/9/2018)

Florence Foster Jenkins (6/9/2018)

Magic Mike XXL (6/9/2018)

Definitely, Maybe (8/9/2018)

8 Mile (12/9/2018)

Billy Madison (12/9/2018)

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (12/9/2018)

Hanna (12/9/2018)

Jane (12/9/2018)

The Time Traveler’s Wife (12/9/2018)

Glitch: Season 2 (14/9/2018)

The Lake House (14/9/2018)

The Truman Show (15/9/2018)

Vacation (15/9/2018)

Paddington 2 (21/9/2018)

Back to the Future Part II (26/9/2018)

Friday Night Lights (26/9/2018)

Scarface (26/9/2018)

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (27/9/2018)

Sing (29/9/2018)

What’s coming next month and beyond?

Netflix has has big plans for 2018, with a number of high-profile shows and movies confirmed for release on the service. Here’s our list of the best upcoming TV shows and movies on Netflix.

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